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Famous Masons

There have been 14 American Presidents who have been Brother Masons, plus one who was initiated (Lyndon Johnson).

George Washington (1st)

Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Fredericksburg, Virginia; Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22

James Monroe (5th)

Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, Williamsburg, Virginia

Andrew Jackson (7th)

Harmony Lodge No. 1, Nashville, Tennessee; Grand Master 1822-23, Tennessee

James Polk (11th)

Columbia Lodge No. 31, Columbia, Tennessee (r. 9/4/1820)

James Buchanan (15th)

Lodge No. 43, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (r. 1/24/1817)

Andrew Johnson (17th)

Greeneville Lodge No. 119, Greeneville, Tennessee (r.1/24/1817)

James Garfield (20th)

Magnolia Lodge No. 20 (E.A. and F.C.), Columbus Lodge No. 30, Columbus, Ohio (r. 11/22/1864)

William McKinley (25th)

Hiram Lodge No. 21, Winchester, Virginia (r. 4/3/1865)

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt (26th)

Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, New York (r. 4/24/1901)

William H. Taft (27th)

Made a Mason at sight 2/18/1909 in Cincinnati, Ohio; affiliated with Kilwinning Lodge 356, Ohio

Warren Harding (29th)

Marion Lodge No. 70, Marion, Ohio (r. 8/13/1920)

Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd)

Holland Lodge No. 8, New York, New York (r. 11/28/1911)

Harry S. Truman (33rd)

Belton Lodge No. 450 (r. 3/18/1909), Belton, Missouri; Grand Master 1940-41, Missouri

*Note: MW Harry S. Truman is the only American President to have been presented with a 50-year Masonic service pin Gerald Ford (38th) Malta Lodge No. 465 (r. 5/18/1951), Grand Rapids, Michigan (raised by Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington , D.C. as courtesy)

Honorable Mention: Lyndon B. Johnson, initiated but never passed nor raised

i. October 30, 1937, Johnson City Lodge No. 561, Johnson City, Texas

SC and Famous Masons

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